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fire protection

This page is about protection against wild fires, forest fires, and prairie fires that may threaten your property. Read the page about home fire safety for house fire information.

fire prevention and safety Wildfires
Over 100,000 wildfires occur each year in the United States and 80% of those are started by people. Fires can destroy lumber resources, beautiful wildlands, and homes as well as kill animals and people. If you live in a rural area, near forests or open prairie, or in suburbs with lots of green spaces, you need to understand fire prevention and safety guidelines to protect your property.

Just as in housefire prevention, make sure you have these basic fire prevention aids in place:

fire prevention Before a Fire
Assess your property to determine its fire risk. Tall trees, wild grass, shrubs, and any other combustible materials can all contribute to spreading a fire. During drought or extended lengths of dry weather, this vegetation can become perfect fuel for a fire driven by strong winds. Some simple planning will greatly reduce the threat to your home:

fire protection During a Fire
As a fire progresses, wind and weather may cause it to change course, sometimes very suddenly. When a fire threat is happening, keep your plans flexible and be ready to evacuate immediately. Follow these suggestions as the fire gets closer and closer until it is time to evacuate.

fire safety After a Fire
If you evacuated, returning to your neighborhood may be terribly traumatic. There is a good chance your entire house will be gone and, in that case, be thankful your family made the right choice and is safe. Whether your house is standing or not, you will need to contact your insurance agent for making any claims.

fire safety
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