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hurricane Hurricanes
Hurricanes are certainly the stars of the disaster world. They get named, their every move is tracked, and they get lots of media attention. Everyone knows when one is coming for days ahead of landfall as the weather worsens, yet people are still killed. The fact is, lack of preparation and awareness big factors in large hurricane disasters which is sad since there is so much easy to access hurricane information available. Being prepared for these awesome storms is critical for people living in high risk areas to minimize damage and injury.

The destructive power of hurricanes is amazing. There is so much energy in one that it creates its own mini-disasters by spawning tornados and causing widespread flooding as well as landslides and general wind damage. Hurricane storms are rated in Categories to give an idea of their magnitude:
Scale Number
Sustained Winds
Damage Storm Surge
-Less than 39 Tropical Depression 0-1
-39-73 Tropical Storm 2-3
174-95 Minimal: Unanchored mobile homes, vegetation and signs. 4-5
296-110 Moderate: All mobile homes, roofs, small crafts, flooding. 6-8
3111-130 Extensive: Small buildings, low-lying roads cut off. 9-12
4131-155 Extreme: Roofs destroyed, trees down, roads cut off, mobile homes destroyed. Beach homes flooded. 13-18
5Over 155 Catastrophic: Most buildings destroyed. Vegetation destroyed. Major roads cut off. Homes flooded. Over 18

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hurricane fact During a Hurricane
Evacuate if:

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hurricane relief After a Hurricane

A hurricane combines the destruction of a tornado and a flood - wind and water. So, your clean-up effort may be more difficult and more dangerous. Hurricane relief will also take time to reach you depending on your location, the weather, and the number of hurricane relief victims so you need to survive on your own for at least a few days and possibly longer. Some of the ongoing risks to keep in mind are:

hurricane damage
Hurricane preparedness needs to be part of your family's safety plan if you live in an area that has a hurricane season. Information about preparing for other disasters such as floods, tsunamis, and tornados will also benefit you. Relief workers will aid you, but you must be prepared to take care of your family until relief arrives.

hurricane prep
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