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Severe storms in winter can cause the usual wind-related damage such as toppling power lines and trees but the extra risk from extreme cold makes winter snow storms very dangerous. A power outage accompanied by very cold termperature creates a life threatening situation for everyone without a backup heat source. Snow accumulation can paralyze traffic of all kinds, stopping emergency response and transporting of supplies. You may be isolated for days depending on your location.
A winter storm of freezing rain can cause severe damage to power lines and trees, as well as making travel impossible.
The majority of actual deaths from ice and snow occur in automobile accidents on treacherous roads. Most other deaths are people caught out of shelter during the storm. So, the most important thing to do when a winter storm approaches is to get inside and off the road.

Follow these tips to survive a snow blizzard or storm whether you are outside, at home, or in a car...

snowstorm Caught Outside

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The most probable scenario is that you are at home when a severe snow storm hits. You heard about it coming on the news and decided to stay home until it passes. Now, as long as you are prepared, everything will be just fine as long as you make smart decisions:

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